Welcome to Studio Rino, my online Portfolio showcase where you can browse through samples of work I have done solo or as part of a team.

My passion is to help stories and characters come to life. I try to work in various styles and on different projects to stay creative and continue refining my craftsmanship. A veteran Storyboard Artist, I consider myself Old School because, although I embrace technology, my favorite way to draw is still with black ink ball pens and markers on paper.

I’ve worked for advertising, marketing, private and corporate clients and numerous animation productions as an Illustrator, Layout Artist, Graphic Designer, Assistant Director, Scriptwriter and Storyboard Artist.

This Portfolio should help you get an idea of what I’ve worked on through the years. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit; please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions, projects, job offers, or just to say hi!

Christophe Pouchot