Welcome to studio-rino, my online Portfolio samples showcase. This will help you get an idea of what I’ve worked on through the years. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit, please don’t hesitate to contact me with your projects, job offers or simply to buy some available prints. Thanks and have a great day.

Storyboard : Whether you’re shooting a Movie, creating an Animation, a Video Clip or planning on doing so, a Storyboard will save you time and money. By laying down the groundwork it will help bringing your vision to life Artistically and Technically, so when time comes to shoot, you can do just that. A Storyboard will also help you sell/get financial support for your project. From a rough-drawn, black and white guideline to a full-color, animatic-ready finished picture, you can count on 20 years experience to create the Storyboard you need.

Illustration : Having your work Illustrated is a great way to improve it, it keeps it from looking too dry and by giving your work a special look and feel it allows your audience to gain focus and interest as your work stands out more. One look is all it takes to capture attention and bring out emotions. Old School Cartoon, Fantasy, Racing, Humour, Fairytales, Social, Film Noir, Video- Game Characters, are just some of the themes I’ve worked on and the fun doesn’t stop. Also I work with fellow experienced Illustrators who specialize in some very specific areas and subjects, broadening your choice of style and looks even further.

Graphic Design: Need a Logo? A promotional Poster or Tee-Shirt design? I can help you define an Image, create any documents to fit your needs and budget alike.

Christophe Pouchot

Client List

Ophta-Ouest, Clinique Notre-Dame, West Eye, Verre-Alu, Total CFP, Evasion Yamaha, Ozone Design, Moto Verte, Moto Journal, Eurodesign, France Animation, Le Studio Ellipse, Pixibox Saban, Studio Rooster, AB Productions, Medialab, Dupuis Animation, Le DaF, Desclez Produtions, Plan Large, Dargaud-Marina Productions, Ubi Soft, Eda Games, VI Vail Interactive, SEI, Cartoon Network, Noodlesoup Studios.


Kamel Tazit, Rich Faber, Christine Otis, Mike Manley, Jamar Nicholas, Monsieur B, Neoconsulting.La Légende Dorée, Jean-Pierre Joblin, François Villon, Monstersongs, Eric Duvet, Dave Moser, Xander Leatherwood, James Michael Pierson, Raphael Tiberino, Kristen L. Bell, Portia Mortensen


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